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Read + Review: Protected by Claire Zorn



The book, Protected, is centered around a girl named Hannah. The plotline of the story is very engrossing, as it is the story of a girl fighting her way through the nightmare of high school in Australia. Life has always been hard for Hannah in high school since her sister, Katie died. She was always taunted, teased, and tormented. Hannah should feel terrible, but for the first time in ages, the bullies who relentlessly tormented her have backed off – and she feels a glimmer of hope. Now, she has barely any friends to guide her at school. She is basically isolated at school and home. Until a boy named Josh becomes her friend. For once, Hannah can reconcile her grief and past troubles and start a new life. The main characters that make a stand in the book are Hannah, Josh, Katie, and her supporting school counselor, Anne.

I found this book very entertaining and quite engaging as well. I finished the book in one sitting! Since I mainly like nonfiction and science fiction, it is a little surprising I finished a fiction book so fast. It really was that good! From Hannah’s perspective, I would definitely dislike Tara and Amy. However, from their perspective, I understand why they would tease Hannah, because of her physical characteristics. I still think, though, that Tara and Amy made wrong actions. There is not that much humor in this book since it is depressing and sorrowful throughout the beginning and middle parts of the book. The personality of the book was the part that sold me though. It has just the right balance for a good read.

Something I loved about this book was about how Hannah learned to make friends. With her current social conditions, I thought it would be hard to make friends.  Moreover, it isn’t everyday one makes a new friend; especially a good friend. I found this to be a memorable moment in the book.


Reviewed by Risshi, Grade 6, Tuckahoe Library

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