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Read + Review: Goldie Vance vol 2 by Hope Larson


Sixteen-year-old Goldie Vance and her best friend Cheryl find a girl in a space suit washed up on the beach of their hometown, St. Pascal, Florida. When the girl wakes up and doesn’t remember a thing, Goldie and Cheryl try to figure out who she is. The situation gets complicated when Cheryl gets mad at Goldie. Goldie tries to say sorry to Cheryl and in the process, sees her riding in a car with the strange girl. Now Goldie must find out what Cheryl was doing with the strange girl. Will they be friends again and why was Cheryl with that girl? Read the book to find out.

This book has its strengths and weaknesses. I enjoyed the unique story and how it twisted and turned in unexpected ways. I also liked that the book was written in graphic novel form as I have not read many graphic novels. Something I would like to see different is the complexity of the characters. The characters were very simple and the book did not go into much depth about them. However, I still enjoyed this book.

One memorable thing about the book was the surprising ending. In many other mystery books, I can easily predict the ending because of the way most mystery books end. However, when it came to this book I predicted one thing and something completely different happened!


Reviewed by Anika, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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