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Read+ Review: Invincible Iron Man: Ironheart Vol 1: Riri Williams by Brian Michael Bendis


A 10-year old named Riri appears to be a ‘super genius’. Riri is a friendly and likable person. However, she has a hard time being with other people, including kids. From some other Marvel comics, the setting is different. It is not just in New York like it usually is. In this book, the action takes place from Chicago to Wyoming to Stark HQ. Most importantly, though, is how will Riri end up saving the day? Read the comic to find out!

I thought this read was great! It was worth my time to read. Whenever I read a comic, the graphics appeal to me the most. The plotline wasn’t confusing at all! It was a very understandable book. Like all Marvel comics, the science fiction really stands out. Especially in this book too. The author, Brian Michael Bendis, incorporated a good amount of humor in the book to keep it likable. Obviously, I disliked all the bad guys just as most people do. However, the character that appealed to me the most was Riri, for the personality we share. It may not be for everyone, but it was a fantastic read for me!

Something I loved about the book is that Riri is extremely smart. I can relate to that since I think I am really smart. I feel that I am related with her in several ways. For example, I like working and making things more than going outside to play. Riri does the same! I for one think my similarities with her are neat.


Reviewed by Risshi, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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