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Read + Review: Misfit City vol. 1 by Kirsten Smith


Wilder is pretty tired out with what her home-town has to offer. She is pretty sure she has seen everything the town has to offer, and she is not satisfied. She wants something more than just an ordinary life, and she has been yearning for this for quite the while now. She finally decides to leave her home in search for a better life, but she then discovers something new; a map to a treasure chest. She then decides that this is what she has been wanting this whole time, and she decides to go on a journey with her best friends to find this “gold” and a life she has been wanting.

I personally think that this book was pretty good for a starter to this series. Oftentimes, books that start of a series can get really boring sometimes as we wait for the plot to kick in. Although in this book, even if the plot kicked in late, they had some really good filler pages to make up that extra space. The art style and the choice of color was also really intriguing and unique, and I felt like it suited it very well.

I really liked the part of when they found the map, but they realized that they did not know how to use it at all. This told me that it was going to be a long, and fun series. Another thing I would really like to point out in the diversity in this book. The group of friends is not just one race, or size, but multiple, and I really liked that about this book.


Reviewed by Siri, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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