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Read + Review: The History of Philosophy by Anne Rooney


The book, The History of Philosophy, is a fact-fascinating experience. From the existence of god to the way we live our lives, this book has it all! One can expect to find philosophy enlightening once this book is thoroughly read. Will the secrets of philosophy become revealed to you? Read the book to learn more about this engrossing study!

 A very captivating book, it explains why it was such a page-turner! Moreover, this book is also in the genre nonfiction, my most favorite genre of books. What I loved about this book was about how it stated the different interpretations of god by different people and cultures. These interpretations showed me the diversity of all people on Earth. It even explained my religion a little more in-depth! I believe I may have to read this book in the future again for later reference since there is so much to learn!

What I loved about this book is that it left me thinking. Not every book is that inspirational to me. Now, I am always asking questions about the principles of philosophy. Where did we come from? Is there someone watching over us? Is karma real? I ponder over these questions all the time. Questions like these that cannot be answered are important concerns for many people, including me. One day, we may answer these questions and know the true facts.


Reviewed by Risshi, Grade 6, Twin Hickory

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