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Read + Review: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black



Jude Duarte’s throat closes up every time she’s reminded that she is merely a mortal. Quite frankly, she amounts to nothing compared to the high-ranking faeries. However, Jude is willing to prove her worth as an individual at all costs. No matter how consequential her actions are, she won’t let society change her. After Jude unearths new abilities and powers, a betrayal wreaks havoc in the royal family. Jude’s responsibility is to save her family and the entirety of Faerie.

The word choice of The Cruel Prince indubitably exceeds all expectations. There is not the slightest hesitation when I say that the author’s characterization and imagination are awe-inspiring. Heartbreaks, obstacles, and bloodshed advanced the plot and allowed the story to show its full potential. Although it was somewhat difficult to understand how the society of Faerie operated, the plot of The Cruel Prince was unquestionably intriguing.

One memorable thing about The Cruel Prince was the tragic and agonizing betrayal that took place before Jude’s very eyes. It was certainly a surreal event that altered the outcome of the book immensely.


Reviewed by Jessica, Grade 9, Glen Allen Library

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