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Read+Review: Love, Hate, and Other Filters by Samira Ahmed


Love, Hate and Other Filters is a sweet romantic-comedy with twists of drama at every corner there is. Maya Aziz, a seventeen year old ready for college is torn between two antipodes. One world is her parents’ dream. A polite, Muslim girl attending a college close to home, becoming a lawyer or possibly a doctor, and ending up marrying a nice, suitable boy who she does not receive the option to choose. On the other hand, she could possibly go to her dream film school, NYU, and just maybe pursuing the boy she’s had a crush on for years. But when tensions arise when a new terrorist attack approaches, reality seems to painfully dominate Maya’s profound fantasy. Now she has to choose between her family and her dreams.

In my opinion, Love, Hate and Other Filters was a book that greatly portrayed independence, love, and world issues. I loved the dramatic effect on this action-packed story line had, because Maya stands up for what she wants, rather than merely accepting the future that her parents chose for her. Also, Maya greatly displays a sense of secrecy. First, she hides her desire to go to NYU and then she keeps all her feeelings about her crush as far away as possible from her parents. I think the way the Maya rebels against her already chosen destiny adds to the amazing story.

One memorable thing from the book is how Maya survives the bullying and mean remarks at school about her being Muslim. I feel that religion is a very sensitive subject and her standing tall in those moments is greatly inspiring. I will definitely remember this for weeks to come.


Nikki Chandra, 6th grade – Moody Middle School, Twin Hickory Library

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