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Read+Review: Thunderhead (Arc of Scythe) by Neal Shusterman


This novel follows Scythe in a new (and brilliant) series by Neal Shusterman. It takes place in a future world- the post-mortal age- in which all the petty problems of death, disease, and more have been eradicated by the Thunderhead, the predecessor of what we know as the Cloud. It is the know-all, end-all entity that has ‘fixed’ humanity into immortality. However, the task of regulating population is an internal affair- selected individuals called Scythes kill for a living. However, because the Scythedom is apart from the Thunderhead, there are loopholes and evil intentions. Scythe Anastasia, Lucifer, and her mysterious friends try to thwart these evils.

This book was incredible. Better than the first, I would even say. Shusterman has the rare type of writing style that makes the scenes so clear in your head- and it also keeps the pages turning. When I am looking for a good read, I am looking for something that will make me think and pull me out of reality. Thunderhead certainly did the job.

In our age, lots of books seem unoriginal or unappealing just because of their redundancy in plot. This book, however, is something entirely new. It is a very interesting universe that I can’t wait to get more of.


Lexi Pasternak, 8th grade – Moody Middle School, Tuckahoe Library

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