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Summer Songwriting Contest – Week 3 Winner

Congratulations to the week 3 Teen Summer Songwriting Contest winner: Rebekah C., grade 8, at Gayton Library! Rebekah’s country song was randomly selected from this week’s excellent submissions.

Rebekah will receive a copy of The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression by Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi

Week 2 Song Genre:

Rebekah’s Winning Song:

{beginning to be sung with strongest country accent possible, and accompanied by very twangy banjo}

I found a pretty girl down by the lake
Held her hand
And everything was alright
One day my country life just wasn’t for her
So she walked away
Left me empty-handed in the dust

{banjo goes away and snazzy violin accompaniment comes in instead}

Now I,
Drive my John Deere tractor
Pet my dog whenever I want
Ride around in my pick-up truck
Just laughing at the dust
‘Cause I ain’t got a broken heart no more
Sure, I really do miss her
But she scared away all the fish

Now I,
Pull up smallmouth bass
Drink sweet tea on my porch
Watch stars in the night sky
And roll around in the mud
Yeah, I ain’t got a broken heart no more
No more
Yeah, no more
Ain’t got a broken heart no more

{instruments silence}

Yeah, I sure do miss her
But I ain’t got a broken heart no more

{snazzy violin solo}

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