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Read + Review: For Every One by Jason Reynolds


“For Every One” utilizes a poetic format in order to convey the struggles of identity and the hoops needed to jump through in order to attain your true self. Rather than being a formal story, each page focuses on the feelings of despair that everyone experiences as they walk down the path to their future. From believing that their dream job is inadequate to realizing that there is no road less taken, Jason Reynolds communicates our thoughts to paper. His book helps provide inspiration and motivation for those reading to understand themselves and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Originally, I grabbed this book on whim because the back cover caught my eye, but I did not expect it to make me rethink a lot of my current thoughts. Though the words seem simplistic at first, they tell a journey of self-discovery and how we are supposed to get through life’s obstacles. I found the book to not only be very relate able, but it gave me a sense of how I should tackle anything that I have ahead of me. Additionally, the first page of the book has a “to—from—“ section in order to pass on the book to other people to read. I find this to be an ingenious idea because it helps demonstrate the uniformity in everyone’s struggles, yet the poems can be personalized to your own specific problems. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a quick pick-me-up and could use some important advice themselves.

One of the most memorable things in the book is the recurring line of “jumping” into your dreams and desires, regardless of what you think may lay ahead. I remembered it so distinctly because it’s a simple reminder that opportunities come and go, so you must take advantage of what you have, right now, in front of you. This one word has a respectable impact in all types of demographics, thus making it highly memorable.


Reviewed by Mitali Barik, Grade 11, Twin Hickory Area Library

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