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Read + Review: How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You by Tara Eglington


Through the eyes of Aurora Skye, a person’s first kiss is the most crucial moment of his or her life. It’s a momentous event that has Aurora avoiding any awkward lip contact on her front porch after a date. While waiting impatiently for her prince, Aurora assists her friends with meeting their own knights in shining armor. However, Hayden Paris, Aurora’s next-door neighbor and the bane of her life, constantly interferes with her friends’ love lives. What’s atrocious is that Aurora may have to share her first kiss with him because of their leading roles in the play Much Ado About Nothing. Aurora will go to great lengths to prevent Hayden from taking her first kiss, but it’s all in the hands of fate.

The mind of a sixteen-year-old teenager with impulsive behavior is depicted flawlessly by the author. Aurora’s audacious attitude and her chemistry with Hayden have people on the edge of their seats. Every page has comical and amusing moments, and the story balances out the humor with the drama induced by Aurora’s peers and family. How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You is a lighthearted read that highlights the twists and turns of high school and romance.

One memorable event in the book was Hayden standing up for Aurora despite the large percentage of the school pitted against her because of a false rumor. His loyalty and dedication to Aurora are endearing, and readers come to love their relationship even more because of his devotion.


Reviewed by Jessica Chau, Grade 10, Glen Allen Library

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