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Read + Review: This Noble Woman by Michael Greenburg


You’ve probably heard of famous political activists and abolitionists like Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. But have you ever heard of Myrtilla Miner? A headstrong woman with a huge desire for knowledge, she wouldn’t go on to settle down and become a housewife like her father wanted, but instead establish the first school for colored girls, several years before the Civil War. Thanks to the dedication and work of Ellen O’Conner, a close friend of Myrtilla who didn’t want her legacy to be forgotten, the life, the struggles, and the achievements of this unsung hero are together in the form of this book.

I found this book quite informative. It details the story and the determination of a not as well known abolitionist and political activist whose name and accomplishments, despite all her flaws, definitely warrant some recognition. It also told of the differing perspectives across the country, painting a picture of the gradually shifting cultural and political climate at the time. I recommend this book to anyone interested in history and great activists.

For me, the most memorable part about this book was the part about her childhood. I honestly had no idea about the things it mentions about woman’s rights and education at that time, so it was very interesting to me.


Reviewed by Dahlia S., 10th grade, Twin Hickory Area Library

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