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Read + Review: A Room Away from the Wolves by Nova Ren Suma

Sabina Tremper has always longed to go to Catherine House, a refuge for women, ever since she heard the stories from her mother. So when her mother sends her away for a month, Sabina finally has the opportunity to escape to Catherine House. She steals cash from her mother, grabs Catherine House’s phone number, and races off to the place of her dreams. Upon arrival, she meets a mysterious girl named Monet who is as strange as she is extraordinary. On her first night, she quickly learns that Catherine House is not ordinary, but instead filled with a strange power. As the weeks progress, she discovers that her new home holds a danger and secret beyond her wildest dreams.

The words weaved into this thrilling tale make it seem as if the pages were an enchantment themselves. I especially enjoyed how the author created a suspicious air throughout the novel to keep the reader hooked. Furthermore, there were several peculiar events at every chapter, leaving the reader to solve the mysteries alongside Sabina. The book constantly keeps me quivering in excitement, which is something I admire in books. Lastly, the characters consist of a wide range of personalities, keeping the story interesting to read.

A memorable event of Sabina’s story is found in the beginning of the book. Sabina sneaks off to a party, where she is beaten up by her stepsisters and their friends, causing Sabina to appear at Catherine House’s doorstep covered in bruises and a black eye. Another unforgettable event is how Sabina lies down in the middle of the road after getting beaten up, cursing her fate. There are many miserable events in this book, which is what makes the story truly unforgettable.

Reviewed by Soumya K., Twin Hickory Area Library

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