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Read + Review: Dreamfall by Amy Plum

The book Dreamfall was about a fictional experimental insomnia treatment that went horribly wrong when an earthquake struck twice, cutting off all power. The 7 patients that volunteered for this experiment (all having severe cases of insomnia) ended up in a dream world together where they have to relive each other’s nightmares, without being able to wake up, and don’t remember anything about the experiment. These patients are Ant, Cata, Fergus, Sinclair, Brett, BethAnn, and Remi. On the other side is Jaime, a student who is taking notes and studying this experiment and observes what is happening from the outside world. The story itself is trying to get the kids awake and alive on both sides of the story.

I liked this story as it not only covers a real medical condition but also a type of story you would only see in a horror movie. The story was truly horrifying to me as I always had nightmares that had me left behind to die, except I usually woke up before I die. It is truly terrifying to think of a world where your nightmares don’t end when you are about to die and let you feel the pain and horror of it. Though the plot was horrific, this crazy idea of being stuck was what I liked the most about the book. The commonality of having a nightmare is what makes you feel connected to the story, to reflect on your own nightmares and imagine how it would feel to instead be left with it instead of waking up. This feeling also reflects on the characters, as they react to their own nightmares with fear too, just like the reader would.

The most memorable part of this book is the idea of it. Being stuck in a nightmare with no known escape and no memory of how you got there is a scary thing. After all, nightmares are simply manifestations of things you fear the most in your dreams. It’s just that these manifestations are tailored to scare you specifically.

Reviewed by Jaewon C., Twin Hickory Area Library

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