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Read + Review: Undying by Amie Kaufman

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When the son of a famous scientist, Jules, and scavenger Mia get trapped inside of the Undying’s ancient spaceship, they discover the upcoming consequences of humanities greed. Plunged back to Earth, they start in a desperate race against time to warn the rest of world of the dangers yet to come. Competing for the attention of the public with the Earthen politics and the schedules of the Undying, they attempt to find time juggling the affection they feel for each other. This fast-paced, page-turning novel will leave you hungry for more as the duo travel from mountains to cities trying to spread the word about the approaching crisis.

The book was well written, with author Ami Kaufman showing her incredible prowess in imagery and beautifully scenarios. As the sequel of the original book, this book was interwoven with the complex storyline of the previous book: Unearthed. The first book consisted more of an alien-like texture and feel and we get, literally, thrown back down to earth with a race against time with the aliens among them. Kaufman’s elegance in creating a world filled with complicated yet intense backstory was displayed with vigor in this book as the main characters struggle with opening the eyes of the oblivious public. Although the book was a brilliant finishing touch to the series, I felt that the first book gave more of an exhilarating feeling to the readers. In Unearthed, the abundance of cliffhangers and action-packed scenes were beautiful and made the original book unique while keeping to the Kaufman styled books, such as Illumina with the space-styled theme. Kaufman strayed from her main theme with this book, returning to Earth in a more political styled series for an interesting take on the new book.

The most memorable part of this book would definitely be tricking two others into accompanying them into the spaceship. The moment was humorously written but didn’t stray from the serious tone of the event. Although many other parts of the book were just as well written as this scene, this one is a personal favorite.

Reviewed by Rochan S., Twin Hickory Library.

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