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Read + Review: Endurance: My Year in Space and How I Got There

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Scott Kelly, just like his twin brother, was a hyperactive kid with a ridiculously short attention span and a thirst for adventure. Being someone who just barely made good enough grades in addition to what was probably an undiagnosed case of ADHD, there didn’t seem to be much of a future ahead for him, especially in a time when life was much less accommodating of learning disabilities. Yet, despite all of that, he, alongside his brother, became an astronaut for NASA. This the story of how he overcame the odds, found his motivation to study, became a naval pilot, and reached what was arguably the highest point of his career: a year spent in the International Space Station. This is his endurance.

This tale of overcoming the odds, determination, and life in zero gravity was one that both inspired and deeply fascinated me. Not only did he undergo numerous trials, but he also came out a man who had accomplished what few could even dream of. I also heavily empathized with his struggle to find a goal in life, specifically one that not only suited his interests, but also one that wouldn’t be affected by the areas he lacked skill in. I definitely recommend this book to anyone in need of motivation in following their dreams.

My favorite part about this book was getting glimpses into what the life of an astronaut is like. The stress that comes with launching, the annoying technical errors, and trying to adjust to life in zero gravity are all written here in great detail.

Reviewed by Dahlia S., Twin Hickory Library

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