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Read + Review: Swing by Kwame Alexander

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This book takes place in a small town where Noah and his best friends, Walt and Sam, live. They are all high school juniors and play sports. Noah has had a crush on Sam since 3rd grade, but Sam has a boyfriend named Cruz, who is the best baseball player on their high school team. When Noah’s mom and dad travel to Barcelona, Noah decides to throw a wild party. To his surprise something unimaginable happens, and Noah and Sam’s relationship will never be the same.

I enjoyed the plot and the setting, however I wish there were more characters in the book. I want to be like Walt because he seems wise, but is not the best at sports. Although he is not athletic, he is exceptionally good at giving people advice. As he does with his friend, Noah, Walt encourages him do what he’s dreamed of doing since 3rd grade. I think that Noah is an amazing artist, but was upset that he is terrified to show his feelings that he has for Sam. He worries that he may push her away, so he is very reserved and cautious around her. I hope Kwame Alexander will write another book to sum up all of Noah’s, Sam’s, and Walt’s feelings.

One memorable thing about the book is when Walt, Sam, and Noah go to a mall to buy a gift for Noah’s mom for her trip to Barcelona. While Noah is picking out a hat for his mom, Walt is off talking with the Clerk, Divya. Walt likes her a lot and even through she is out of college, he asks her out on a date.

Reviewed by Tyler M., Tuckahoe Area Library

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