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Read + Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: New School Nightmare by Carolyn Nowak


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Unbeknownst to humans, vampires lurk in the shadows, seizing the necks of innocent individuals. Their only bane is a well-placed stake by the Slayer, the vampire murderer. The sacred mantle of the Slayer belongs to the average middle school girl, Buffy Summers. After she learns the existence of vampires from her eccentric teacher Miss Sparks, she has to juggle two lives at once. Luckily, she isn’t the only student who posses magic in Ohio. As the school year progresses, Buffy and her magical friends discover the Primium Dominum, the master of all vampires, who plans to overthrow all humans at a solar eclipse. Unfortunately, he is nearly impossible to locate, let alone kill. So, Buffy has to end the vampire lord before he ends the world.

Honestly, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I would have liked. Many aspects of the tale are uncertain and the plot is uneventful. Although the author builds up much suspense towards the main conflict, the resolution feels anticlimactic and perhaps slightly disappointing. When Buffy was trying to figure out the Prmium Dominum’s identity, the culprit was quite obvious to the reader. I would have much rather liked it if the identity of the vampire lord was more difficult to find. Overall, while this book did contain numerous thrilling events, I did not find this book very entertaining.

There are many memorable and rather humorous events scattered throughout the book. For example, when Buffy first learned the existence of vampires in a parking lot of a cinema is unforgettable. Additionally, the shocking events of when Buffy discovered her friends magical abilities were emblazoned into my mind. As you can see, this graphic novel is a cornucopia of some of the purely astounding events.


Reviewed by Soumya K., Twin Hickory Library

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