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Read + Review: Legendary by Stephanie Garber


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This book was a sequel to Stephanie Garber’s fantasy book Caraval. The book continues the magical adventure of Caraval from the point of view of Donatella Dragna, Scarlett Dragna’s sister. Tella faces an incredible journey to find her missing mother, Paloma. Paloma disappeared when Tella and Scarlett were little kids and left them with their father. This time, Caraval is not just a game. Tella must find a missing object to free her mother before it’s too late. She faces many obstacles and enemies, and races against time as it slowly ticks away. The stakes are high, and Tella enlists the help of a cunning friend, Dante, to help her along her path. She begins to have suspicions about him, but dismisses them as he is very helpful with her mission. As time counts down, will Tella be able to free her mother in time before she’s lost forever?

I liked this book a lot. The rich imagery Stephanie Garber writes really brings the story alive. The characters really pull emotion from you, and you find yourself hanging on the edge of your seat at every twist and turn. One thing I disliked at the beginning was that the book was from the point of view of Tella. The previous book was from Scarlett’s point of view, and it was a little bit difficult to adjust to at the beginning. However, as I got further into the book, I began to appreciate the different viewpoint, as you can really see the story from different angles. This book is absolutely magical.

One memorable thing about this book are the characters. They are very believable and you find yourself experiencing the same emotions they do as you read the book. The characters are very dynamic, and their motives are always changing and adapting to their situation. These characters all tie together brilliantly and give the book a great dynamic feel.


Reviewed by Prachi S., Twin Hickory Library

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