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Read + Review: Self-Driving Cars: The New Way Forward by Michael Fallon


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Self-Driving Cars is a nonfiction, informative book about the history of cars, different car companies, how the idea of self driving cars started and the evolution. Looking at the title, I didn’t expect to see the full history of cars, but it did make a nice starting chapter, explaining what happened to the horse buggy whip making industry in Whip City. The book is well written, and structured into chapters, making it easy for the reader to switch topics. The book also includes a nice timeline, along with glossary, bibliography, further information and index sections, not to mention the context-specific, attractive pictures.

I think this is a great book for all 10+ age groups, especially for drivers and car savvy people. This will make a good read not only for people interested in technology and cars, but also for people who are into history. There are many good features in this book. The only negative comment I would make is that the title was somewhat misleading, since I expected major part of the book to be talking about the current and future technologies. The author does get to that part in the last chapter, but fails to offer excitement in terms of concept cars, pictures, etc. It really helps that this book has a timeline at the back, so anybody could just flip to the back and learn something new.

There are many memorable things about the book, especially the section describing how someone in the 1900’s made an exhibit of the future, and we have created a world just like his exhibit, with tall skyscrapers, cars, and many people. It is fascinating how just one idea could change the whole future. The book gives top-notch information, and offers a new perspective on how the cars became integral part of American culture.


Reviewed by Siddarth S., Twin Hickory Library

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