Read + Review: Arch Enemies by Marissa Meyer


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In this exciting sequel to Renegades, Nova, an orphaned villain, is now a full member of the Renegades, an elite group of superheroes. Unknown to the Renegades, she is also Nightmare, an Anarchist, working to take them down from the inside. And Nova thinks she has found the way to do it when she finds the Helmet of Ace Anarchy. As a Renegade, her feelings for Adrian, a fellow superhero, grow, but Adrian is also hiding secrets from everyone. As both of them struggle to maintain their double lives, they face their most challenging adversaries yet, each other.

I think this book is a great sequel. It has action, romance, and the characters and their relationships are explored more than ever. The alternating perspectives are a really good insight into how the action of one character has impacted the other. It also makes me want to smack one of them sometimes, which is a credit to the author. It’s not easy to make something obvious to one character, yet have the other completely oblivious while also keeping the situation realistic.

The most memorable thing about this book is the way the double lives are playing out. I kept wondering how are they going to explain this? Or, come on you must have noticed that! Sometimes it was a little unbelievable, but it was exciting none the less.


Reviewed by, Riley M., Twin Hickory Library

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