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Read + Review: The book of no worries by Lizzie Cox



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The Book Of no worries is a survival guide that covers most of your worries/anxieties that you might have as you are growing up. This book also has a lot of stuff to relate to such as problems at school, relationship, social media, and troubles at home. The Book Of no Worries also has little sections of questions and answers in each page so if you have any questions for any worries you have, it could be answered in the book. Overall, this book is an excellent resource for tweens, who are going through a normal roller coaster of growing up.

The main plot is all the worries and anxieties of the daily lives of tweens. The main character is this girl that has brown hair and she is a tween herself going through most of these worries and anxieties. I really liked this book because I am a tween. I am going through some problems and this book is very helpful. This book is also very true because most books are not as relatable but this book really is. The Book Of no Worries is an amazing book.

The most memorable part of the book is mainly everything because it helps with most things that will actually happen in life. It also it talks about siblings because I do have some problems with my siblings and The Book Of no Worries helps with that. I really liked how the book had some sections of the book for question and answer. I loved how the book was also really relatable to tweens. I disliked how the font of the book was because I think because it could have been a little more serious than it already is. I also really liked how it talked about the most common worries a tween can have.


Reviewed by Grecia H., Libbie Mill Libary


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