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Read + Review: Self-driving Cars by Micheal Fallon


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This book mainly focused on the topic of Self-Driving Cars. The introductory chapter gives a brief overview on the history of automobiles. The next few chapters discuss the development of elementary Self-Driving Technology. In the last couple of chapters, the book really centers attention to modern day Self-Driving technology, and how several companies joined in the race to develop a fully autonomous car.

This book introduces the reader to the new technology of self-driving cars, which I think, the general population is still unaware of. I think it was a great book if the reader is curious about the history of autonomous cars and general information regarding them. I learned a lot of new things after reading this book. However, it is not a book that will entertain the reader as much as it informs them. I would have liked the book even more if the author made this fairly long informative book a little more entertaining by including fun facts and more pictures.

I think the most memorable of the whole book was when the author talked about the history of autonomous vehicles. I was pretty amazed to find out that humanity has been trying to develop partially autonomous vehicles for the past 40 years!


Reviewed by Talha A., Twin Hickory library

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