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Read + Review: Zenobia by Morten Durr


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Zenobia by Morten Dürr is the story of Amina, a young Syrian girl who loves eating dolmas and spending time with her family. All is well for her until one day, her parents never come back from the market. As it turns out, war has reached her tiny village, causing her and her uncle to flee to a boat. This boat crashes, and there lying in the water is Amina. While in the dark and emptiness void of the ocean, Amina remembers her family and the tale of Zenobia, the ruler of Syria who was never afraid to take on a challenge, even if it meant dying, and now in her great moment of desperation, Amina has to do the same.

I actually really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to all who see this review. The book is honestly phenomenal, and even though there aren’t many words, the point of the story is beautifully bought across by the gorgeous pictures and stunning story. My only complaint from this book was that it was too short. I would have enjoyed seeing a much longer version of this, but I guess the length of it also helps present the story. The characters were instantly likable, and even if there wasn’t much character development, I still understood what each one of them were like. The words were well written, but what was more stunning was the pictures. The pictures were beautifully drawn, and I found myself often stopping to admire them. In conclusion, this book was absolutely amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone of all ages.

My favorite part in the entire book was probably when they were running away to the boat. Here, there were many pictures for me to gawk at, all of which were gorgeous. The pictures here really showed the damage done to her old village, and had a lot of great detail. This may seem kind of short but in this moment, there were only really pictures, all of which were amazing, making this my favorite part.


Reviewed by Aryan, A., Glen Allen library

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