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Read + Review: Hate Crimes by Hal Marcovitz


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This book was about hate crimes, or crimes committed against people because of their race, ethnicity, or religion, and how these crimes have increased in the US. It talks about who these crimes are targeted at, and the whopping statistics associated with them. It also talks about how people are hurt by these hate crimes and why it’s bad for our country because many laws aren’t very sufficient to deal with this problem. The book provides a good insight into how we can bring the perpetrators to justice and prevent hate crimes. There is really no setting or main characters, as this book covers many people’s experiences they have had with hate crimes.

I thought that the author chose a really good topic to write the book about. Hate crime is something which is only recently increasing and this book is advocating and educating against the cause. I thought the author also provided good detail into what happens as a result of hate crimes, compared to how we would just read about a crime not knowing how bad it really was.

Something I liked was the author’s writing style. He told people’s experiences like a story where it seemed like it was actually happening while reading it. It was also divided into sections pretty well so you could understand what you are reading and how it relates. Something I disliked about the book was that it was kind of jumping all over the place regarding problems. Also, many of the words in the book are just describing people’s stories and there are less actual opinions and facts.


Reviewed by Aaryan A., Twin Hickory library

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