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Read + Review: The Deceiver’s Heart by Jennifer A. Neilsen


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Kestra’s treacherous journey is nearing to an end. As the Infidante, Kestra has been through countless voyages in pursuit of the Olden Blade, the only weapon capable of destroying the fiendish Lord Endrick. Fortunately, Lord Endrick summons her to his palace, granting Kestra the perfect opportunity to strike. After an agonizing attempt to kill Lord Endrick, Kestra fails, and can only hope the tyrant doesn’t murder her himself. Instead, Lord Endrick strips Kestra of her weapon, and robs her memories and spirit. Kestra soon becomes a soulless Ironheart, who are servants of the lord. Desperate to return Kestra to her former self, Simon seeks a method to cure her…without using magic. As their new adventure continues, Simon is forced to accept that there may be no other option, and Kestra will never be the same.

A stunning sequel to Jennifer A. Nielsen’s The Traitor’s Game, this novel is beautifully written with action in every page. The plot was clear, and the concept of the novel was easy to understand even though I haven’t read the prequel. I enjoyed the beginning of this novel in particular, as it held the most suspense. The mystery and thrill did decrease after Kestra’s failure, which was slightly disappointing. Overall, however, this novel was a nearly flawless continuation of Kestra’s marvelous tale.

A memorable moment can be found at the beginning of the novel, at Lord Endrick’s palace. As Lord Endrick drones on, Kestra’s mind whirs with the plan to kill the lord, replaying it repeatedly in her head. When Lord Endrick nears the end of his final statement, Kestra seizes the handle of the blade, about to attack.


Reviewed by Soumya K., Twin Hickory Library


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