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Read + Review: The Last 8 by Laura Pohl



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Clouds of dust arise from parts of the world, forming a grim smoke of catastrophe around the globe. It started out sluggishly at first, but rapidly escalated into an interstellar massacre of machinery. Each one is from a group of 7.6 billion people that got instantly vaporized by an invading alien species. With only eight remaining in the world’s most secure government restricted zone, watch as these teenagers combat the forces of extinction and struggle to keep peace among themselves. Survival gains a new meaning in this post-apocalyptic world, with every action threatening to compromise one’s position.

The structure of this story is fantastically well thought out, and divided into sections where the reader can understand the overall picture as well as the sub aspects. A great part about this book is how in addition to having an enthralling climax, suspense kept building and dropping at each stage. This led to a factor of relaxation but then when one least expects it, plot twists jump out from the shadows. It also provided sci-fi references for the intended audience, granting transparency to the fourth wall of the book. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone with the interests of technology and survival.

The most memorable thing about this book was how the author ended characters without second thought. There were times where I’m sure some readers thought the book would be concluded from how much the main characters had lost already, regardless of the number of pages left. It possessed the same energy of a movie scene for anyone with a vivid imagination.



Reviewed by Arnav, Glen Allen Library


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