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Read + Review: Hawkeye: Private Eye by Kelly Thompson


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This book is about a girl named Kate Bishop, also known as Hawkeye, the girl superhero. Hawkeye hasn’t seen her dad since she was a little girl, thus she sets out on a mission to find out where he is. Meanwhile, she takes requests from people who need a superhero while looking for her dad. If trouble comes her way, Hawkeye is very sassy but at the same time likes to think things through before getting into a fight. Hawkeye is an expertly skilled archer and has years of experience in crime solving.

This book was a really fun read. If you’re familiar with Hawkeye you’ll definitely want to read Hawkeye Private Eye! The plot of this book occurs when a girl named Mikka comes to Hawkeye seeking help. Of course Hawkeye is up to the challenge. This book is full of action and surprises which leaves you wanting more. I was not a Hawkeye fan before but after reading this book, I’ll definitely be looking for more in the series. The main characters consist of Hawkeye, Ramone, Mikka, Jess, Brad, Johnny, and Quinn. The setting occurs in sunny California.

The graphics in this book were amazing! The book itself kept me interested and wanting more, and I found that I just couldn’t put the book down. Hawkeye comes up against formidable super villains but she holds her own every time in the thrilling Marvel comic. The one thing I found peculiar about this book was that one segment seemed to repeat itself. I’ve definitely become a fan and will be looking for more Hawkeye books in the future. I consider this a must read if you’re into the Marvel Comics and especially are familiar with Hawkeye.


Reviewed by Semira, Fairfield Area Library

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