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Read + Review: The Breakaways by Cathy G. Johnson


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In the book Breakaways, a girl named Faith joins her school’s soccer team to be with her friend, Amanda. When she joins the team, she figures out that Amanda is on a completely different team, the best team. Faith, who’s on the worst team, meets a lot of new people and gets to see how they play. Faith only wants to win for her team, but her teammates think differently. They don’t care about soccer and would much rather do different things. In the end, Faith manages to get all of her teammates to get together and just have fun.

I liked the book because of all of the friendships. There were some sad parts like when Bulldog and Warthog were fighting and when V moved away. Everyone had their talents besides just soccer, like drawing and playing the guitar. Faith had a lot of scenes throughout the book expressing how her life was going in the form of a fairy tale. They made the book more interesting and captured the essence of how her life in middle school is going. Overall, it was an awesome comic book, and I enjoyed reading it.

I wish that the author described the characters’ backstories a bit more. Other than that, the book was outstanding. There were a lot of good details and lots of funny moments. The book had really good graphics and pictures.


Reviewed by Rimil, Twin Hickory Area Library

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