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Read + Review: Princeless. Raven, the Pirate Princess: Year Two. Book Five, Get Lost Together by Jeremy Whitley



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Princeless: Raven The Pirate Princess is the fifth in this particular series. This book is about a young lady by the name of Sunshine and her crew members. Sunshine was a beloved crew member who had fallen overboard the ship in the previous edition. Currently Raven is the captain aboard the ship. Raven and Sunshine were destined to be together. Raven and her crew are desperately trying to move on without Sunshine. All are struggling with this; especially Raven. What really happened to Sunshine?

I personally enjoyed reading this book because it was full of intrigue and deep meaningful relationships. The relationships are so deep you can almost feel the intensity of them even though this is a comic. Princeless Raven The Pirate Princess Year Two does take on a mature tone as some of these relationships are lesbian. The writing style for this book is fantasy/adventure and offers plenty of adventure as they sail across the deep blue sea.

I found this book refreshing in that it had strong female characters. The book has plenty of romance and strong friendships. The writing itself was well done, and I thought the premise of the story was amazing. I have not read the entire series as of yet, but from what I’ve seen here, it is definitely on my to do list!


Reviewed by Semira, Fairfield Area Library

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