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Read + Review: Girl Gone Viral by Arvin Ahmadi


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This book was about a girl named Opal Hopper, and it took place in present day. Opal lost her father at a young age. Everybody continues to believe it was suicide, but Opal knows her father loved her and wouldn’t leave her. As she grows, Opal grows more and more hungry for clues, and she finds the opportunity to meet the one person who can answer her questions, Howie Mendelsohn. Opal competes in a competition that eventually becomes more than finding her father. Opal perseveres and finds out the truth, as shocking as it ends up being. However, with Opal’s friends, Kara, Moyo, and Shane, Opal knows that she can face whatever hits her next.

I enjoyed how the author made the book run into Opal’s personal life. This increased the adventure and kept me on the edge of my seat. The author showed backstories and personal issues following each character. This helped me feel real emotions towards the story, and I was able to enjoy it more. However, I wish that the author had also included more about the struggles faced by Opal’s mother. Overall, this book was a fascinating novel!

One memorable thing about this book was when Opal applied for her dream college. To me, I was shocked to find out that she hadn’t spent more than three hours working on the essay. This surprised me because I would expect somebody to spend more time applying to their dream college.


Reviewed by Shraddha, Twin Hickory Area Library

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