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Read + Review: Seeing Gender, An Illustrated Guide to Identity and Expression by Iris Gottlieb

Seeing Gender: An Illustrated Guide to Identity and Expression

This book is a detailed guide about understanding gender identity and expression, as these concepts are often looked over and forgotten about. It provides information about each of these concepts, as well as touching on other ideas like sexual orientation, race, and feminism. It also includes many drawn images that correlate with and further explain the concepts introduced in the book. The author does a good job representing everyone on the gender identity spectrum and speaks about the ideas introduced in the book very well. It is a very good way to educate yourself about these ideas and how to respect everyone who struggles with it.

In this book I really enjoyed how inclusive it was, it had representation for almost every gender identity/ sexual orientation I could think of. It taught me a lot about the world around me and showed how much I still have to learn. I also enjoyed all of the pictures included in the writing, it helped tell the story better and they were drawn very well. I liked how it also included the author’s journey and her experiences with gender and gender identity, as she shared her experiences it helped me understand how to think about gender.

The main idea I will take away from reading this book is that I still have much to learn. I went into this book thinking I knew everything, but I was surprised of how much I learned. Hopefully, I will continue to learn and grow to understand my own identity and those of others.

Reviewed by Owen, Libbie Mill Library

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