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Read + Review: Pirate Queen: The Legend of Grace O’Malley by Tony Lee and Sam Hart

Pirate Queen: The Legend of Grace O'Malley

Grace O’Malley despises her father’s desire to raise her into a “proper” woman. Instead of grappling with a needle and flouncing about a ballroom, Grace prefers the slender grip of a sword, battling the tumultuous currents of the sea. Therefore, she was not pleased with her father’s decision to embark upon an overseas voyage whilst she remained in a quaint village. Stubborn and headstrong, Grace escapes the nauseating tranquility of her village and leaps aboard her father’s ship. Hidden among supply crates, Grace discovers the world, teeming with death and darkness beyond her wildest dreams. As circumstances become dire, and her fascinating world begins to bleed, Grace finally grasps her opportunity.

Settled within the 15th century, this graphic novel portrays the tale of a girl who carved her destiny within history. Despite the initial suspense, the graphic novel’s plot seemed to decline greatly following the first chapter. Although I enjoy biographies, the graphic novel seemed to dim Grace’s lifestyle. It is quite difficult to sympathize with her circumstances, since the extensive bloodshed within the novel is caused by Grace. Additionally, the plot is rather repetitive. Overall, the graphic novel did not seem a fascinating read.

A memorable moment lies within the beginning of the graphic novel. As a child, Grace endlessly battles against her neighbor, Donal, mercilessly clashing her false sword against his. She readies her sword once more, pondering her destiny, and silently observes her father depart to the seas. Staring, an idea forms in her mind; dangerous, but necessary.

Reviewed by Soumya, Twin Hickory Library

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