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Read + Review: The White Rose by Kip Wilson

White Rose

Sophie Scholl, a German university student, discovers herself engulfed amongst the violent battles of World War I. Advocates for the cease of Nazi brutality, Sophie and her brother, Hans, strive to end the torture that the Jewish experience at the hands of Hitler. Rapidly assessing the news, listening to the mundane voice as it announces yet another policy, Sophie realizes that her sympathy seldom averts German beliefs. Despite their German religion, Sophie, Hans, and Christopher found an organization dubbed “The White Rose,” comprised of students against the strict Nazi policies. Discreetly, the friends gather to create minute changes within their community; a smattering of graffiti upon the wall, an article hidden within the newspaper, and flyers scattered across town. Unfortunately, the White Rose violates numerous German laws and restrictions, which does not fail to drift by unnoticed. As Sophie and her friends await trial, they prepare to fight for their cause, although their bold demeanor may result in a harrowing sacrifice.

Artfully crafted, this novel was comprised entirely of poems, which, surprisingly, portrayed the plot in an entertaining and suspenseful method. Furthermore, the characters and plot certainly appealed to the reader emotionally, and certainly displayed realistic personalities and emotions. Moreover, this novel was based from a historical event which is the biography of Sophie Scholl, and the imagery provided with a creative weave of freestyle poems remains quite astounding. Lastly, the novel provided an abundant amount of detail regarding Sophie’s cause and life, which certainly pleases a reader who favors historic fiction.

A memorable event lies in the beginning of the novel, as Sophie and her siblings prepare for mother’ s day. The siblings serve an extravagant breakfast feast consisting of eggs, marmalade and toast. Hans composes a poem for his mother as she slumbers, and Sophie begins to arrange a bouquet. As her mother arrives, the siblings relish in their successful attempt to cheer their mother.

Reviewed by Soumya, Twin Hickory Library

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