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Read + Review: Elon Musk: A Mission to Save the World by Anna Crowley Redding

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The book is a biography of the famous entrepreneur, inventor, billionaire, and celebrity Elon Musk. This book describes Elon Musk’s life in great detail, starting from his childhood, to how he moved to Canada and finally to America to pursue his dreams. As a child, he always wanted to improve the society, with space exploration, banking, electric cars, and energy. This book is full of twists, turns, and innovative ideas. I recommend this book for 4th to 8th grade readers, not only because it is about Elon Musk, but also because of the way the author described his life in a gripping style.

I liked this book because of the way it explains Elon Musk’s life. With many quotes from Elon himself, his childhood and early adulthood was described in an interesting way. Since he was a kid, he would always understand things faster, but he got bullied a lot too. The book describes Elon Musk’s life in chronological order, and his move to Canada and America is also detailed. The author wrote this book very detailed, but not too much that it got out of hand. The author used multiple real quotes of Elon Musk from interviews and tours. This book never got boring, as you would always want to see what happened next. So much was going on in his life, and that kept the book interesting.

One memorable thing about this book is how they described Elon Musk as Tony Stark (Iron Man), because they are both very similar in being very smart, being entrepreneurs, inventors, celebrities, and having an ambition to save the world. By trying to compare the two characters, the author successfully made the book interesting for big group of people. Another thing memorable was how when Elon first came to America, how broke he was, living off a dollar a day, but now, he is a billionaire, and owns and co-owns multiple companies like Zip2, Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, PayPal, and many others.

Reviewed by Siddharth, Twin Hickory Library

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