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Read + Review: The Breakaways by Cathy G. Johnson

The Breakaways

The Breakaways by Cathy G. Johnson is about the lowest level soccer team and how they all become friends. The main character is a girl named Faith. Although she has a shy personality, she is very kind. In this book, Faith gets tricked into joining the soccer team. There are only a couple other kids her age, but she doesn’t know them. She is all alone with a bunch of older bratty kids, and doesn’t know what to do. Nobody tries, and the team keeps losing. She huddles up with them and has an inspirational talk. They are back on the field ready to try again. Find out what happens next when you read the book.

I didn’t love the book, even though it was inspirational. I felt like were a few details that weren’t needed. The details were for more appropriate for older readers. Without the details that weren’t needed, I would have enjoyed the book, because I really liked the message about being your true self. To me the statement be true to yourself means more than follow your heart. It means don’t let anyone get in your way because you are unique and special. Leave the mean comments in the past and don’t believe them. I think that Cathy G. Johnson gave the main character the name Faith because she had faith in herself and didn’t let anyone else in her way.

One memorable thing from the book was when Faith and her teammates left the game early to go home and hangout. They realized that soccer wasn’t their thing. One part of me felt like they should not just quit. The other part of me like that they followed their hearts. I personally think listening to your heart is important. I also liked the fact that through following their hearts, they built a strong friendship.

Reviewed by Elise, Libbie Mill Library

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