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Read + Review: The Midwife’s Apprentice


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The Midwife’s Apprentice by Karen Cushman is about a girl named Alyse. Alyse is a homeless girl. She doesn’t have any food or shelter. One day she smells the delicious smell of warm, fresh bread. The smell leads her to a house where the midwife lives. The midwife hires her to work in exchange for food and shelter. Between physical violence and struggles read about how Alyse overcomes multiple challenges to become a well respected midwife.

I didn’t really like the book because I was confused about what was going on. The writer gave details that didn’t explain everything perfectly. You had to use context clues to figure out what was happening. Although I usually can figure out what is going on I didn’t feel like I was given enough clues.

One memorable thing from the book is how courageous Alyse was. She was homeless and had nothing. I would have been very nervous to walk up to someone’s door and ask to work for food and shelter. She also had the courage to deliver babies. Imagine being in the same room as someone about to have a baby while they are screaming and going crazy. She did all of this as a child.

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Reviewed by Elise, Libbie Mill Library

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