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Read + Review: Fake by Donna Cooner


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Fake is a captivating yet down-to-earth book about 16-year-old Maisie Fernandez, who is the target of most of the school’s notorious pranks. Maisie and her best friend Owen have had to experience endless torment for the past four years, and Maisie decides she has had enough. In order to get revenge on her former bully, Jesse Santos, she creates an online profile named Sienna. Sienna is Maisie’s confident alter ego, and within minutes, Sienna is already chatting daily with Jesse on ChitChat. Things escalate between the two, and Maisie starts to question whether or not Jesse deserves what she is planning. To make matters worse, the girl whose pictures Maisie was using to create the fake profile decides to come into the picture, making Maisie have to choose whether or not she should come clean or keep her a secret from Jesse and the others.

The book defines true reality, and it shows that you truly can be anyone on the internet. To watch Maisie’s character develop as the story progressed was entrancing. Because Maisie was embodying Sienna, she went from someone who didn’t want nor know how to stick up for herself to a courageous and self-advocating girl who wasn’t afraid to stare someone down. She learned, the hard way, to be herself and to not care about what others think about her. Fake is definitely an excellent book on real-life situations and how they can affect somebody’s life.

The most memorable thing about this book was watching Maisie and Jesse slowly connect although being complete opposites. As the story progressed, they met up in different locations and bonded during those small amounts of time studying. It was very amusing to watch Maisie realize that Jesse might not be so bad after all.


Reviewed by Jennifer, Glen Allen Library

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