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Read + Review: Before I Disappear by Danielle Stinson

Before I Disappear is about a girl named Rosie who lives with her brother, Charlie and her mother. In the story they struggle with trying to escape from their past, so they are constantly having to move from town to town. Charlie insists that the next place they should move to is a place called Fort Glory. Rosie is skeptical as of why Charlie wants to move to that town so bad, but she listens to him anyway. One day when Rosie is walking home from her job at a diner in Fort Glory, a weird storm starts to form in the sky. All of a sudden people start to go crazy and attack each other. Rosie’s first instinct is to go find her mother and brother in the town, but where the town is supposed to be is now gone. A mysterious patch of woods has replaced the town and Rosie decides to explore the woods to find her brother and her mother.

What I liked about the book was how the author made each chapter action packed so the reader would want to turn the page and keep on reading. I also liked how the book told a very emotional and deep story. The author did a very good job of expressing Rosie’s feelings in the text and making you feel like you were in the story. What I didn’t like about the book was how some of the characters introduced in the beginning of the story the author never followed through with. For example, Rowena seemed like an important character towards the beginning of the book, but as the story went on she became less important and almost never mentioned again in the story.

One memorable thing about the book was when Rosie and her friends have to put their friendship to the test and fight off the Black Nothing throughout the story. In the book Rosie and her friends have to really trust one another and work together if they are going to make it out of The Fold alive.

Reviewed by Bradley, Glen Allen Library

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