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Read + Review: The Fowl Twins by Eoin Colfer

The Fowl Twins is the new spin-off series from the wildly popular Artemis Fowl series. It introduces an entirely new cast of characters, with some familiar faces popping up later down the line. The book follows the Fowl Twins, Artemis’ younger brothers, as they make new acquaintances from the underground, and go head-to-head with an evil, immortal duke. Overall, it’s a fun-filled adventure for any fans of the originals and new faces alike.

The book is about the adventures of the Fowl Twins, Myles and Beckett, who are the younger brothers of the famous Artemis Fowl the second. I enjoyed this book, though I found the main characters to grate on my nerves after a little while. I much preferred Artemis’ narration style compared to Myles and Beckett. Other than that, the book is well written, as with most of Eoin Colfer’s work.

I thought that the book does a very nice job of world-building. With spin-offs, you generally either see one of two things. 1, the book drops you in with no time given to who anyone is or why you should care, assuming that you have read the original series, and going off of that, or 2, expositing everything in the first two pages of the book. I thought that this book was a nice mix, giving the details that you need to understand what is going on, but not enough to make everything abundantly clear.

Reviewed by Daniel, Tuckahoe Library

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