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Read + Review: Dear Sweet Pea by Julie Murphy

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Dear Sweet Pea by Julie Murphy is about a girl named Sweet Pea and her neighbor Miss Flora Mae. Miss Flora Mae is an advice columnist who responds to people’s problems by giving them feedback to hopefully help them. Miss Flora Mae asked Sweet Pea to help her while she went on a trip to visit her ill sister. While helping Miss Flora Mae by sending her the letters that came in the mail, Sweet Pea found herself responding to some of the letters. After responding to a few, she got herself into a bit of friend drama. Meanwhile, Sweet Pea was also having to cope with her parents’ divorce. By the time Miss Flora Mae came back, Sweet Pea was the one who needed the advice.

I really enjoyed reading this book because I loved the topic. I like reading books about girls in middle school who go through friend drama, because I can relate to the main character’s problems. Overall, reading books like this keep me on the edge of my seat and they possibly can help me in real life. Since I go through similar situations it helps to know what someone else would do.

One memorable thing is how Sweet Pea struggled with regaining a friend and losing one at the same time. Sweet Pea  felt really bad after she had been leaving out Oscar. From this book, I realized that everyone makes mistakes. Sweet Pea learned that accidentally leaving out a friend can result in losing one.


Reviewed by Elise, Libbie Mill Library

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