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Read + Review: Through the water curtain: and other tales from around the world


Within Cornelia Funke’s tantalizing novel resides a cornucopia of mythical tales. Deriving from the farthest reaches of the world, the foreign realm of gods and demons emerging from the pages of Funke’s collection. Artfully selected, the myths presented become displayed within a captivating environment. The myths teem with suspense, and the brief sense of rousing dread as the protagonist plummets into dire circumstances. For example, the tale of the Kotura shrouds a quaint village with a the turmoil of a blizzard. Unfortunately, the method to cease the villagers’ cruel fates demands that three daughters must embark upon a voyage fraught with doom.

In the novel, “Through the Water Curtain : And Other Tales From Around the World”, the author replenished the allure of the ancient journey of numerous influential figures. Furthermore, I enjoyed the morals she displayed at the conclusion of the story. The stories selected possessed an aspect of comedy and tragedy, a quality quite diverse. Additionally, I discovered that the author initially despised folklore, so the irony of her past remains quite amusing. Overall, however, I believe this book was a fascinating read.

A memorable moment lies within the tale of Kotura, Lord of the Winds. As the blizzard reigns terror upon the village, a minuscule cottage lies amidst the chaos, its inhabitants huddled desperately about the waning glow of a candle. A father and three daughters struggle to contemplate a means of halting Kotura’s rage. An idea sparking, the father motions his children close, and divulges a stratagem that may result in death.


Reviewed by Soumya, Twin Hickory Library

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