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Read + Review: Again Again by E. Lockhart


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Again Again by E. Lockhart tells the story of teenager Adelaide Buchwald.  Adelaide is a high school student at a fancy boarding school called Alabaster Preparatory Academy.  She wants people to see her as a happy, talkative, and well-adjusted teenager.  However, she is depressed, unhappy, and dealing with a lot of personal and family issues. Adelaide’s brother Toby is a drug addict that was just released from rehab. She is trying hard to find a way to reconnect with him. Her boyfriend just broke up with her and told her he thinks he never loved her.  Her dad, who is a teacher at Alabaster Preparatory Academy, is lonely and missing Adelaide’s mother, who is home taking care of her recovering brother.  And finally, Adelaide is on academic probation and in danger of failing out of school.  In this book, Adelaide’s story is played out in different multiverses.  We get to see her make different decisions in each multiverse, each time resulting in a different outcome to her story.  In each multiverse, Adelaide is portrayed as a different version of herself and we get to follow her on different journeys.

I thought the premise of this book was a little confusing. Since there is more than one timeline in this book, it was hard to keep track of what happened in what universe. Each time  Adelaide made a different decision, the story changed. While it was interesting to see Adelaide make different choices  and end up on different paths, I still found the alternate versions somewhat confusing.

The most memorable part of this book was the relationship that Adelaide had with her brother, Toby. When Adelaide and Toby were younger, they had a close relationship. But Toby’s drug addiction was hard on the whole family, and it changed Adelaide and Toby’s relationship. I really liked how both Adelaide and Toby tried to reconnect with each other. I especially liked when you get to read their text messages. I thought the author did a good job of showing that forgiveness and trust sometimes come in stages.


Reviewed by James, Twin Hickory Library

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