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Read + Review: The Lucky Ones by Liz Lawson

The Lucky Ones

May McGintee is considered to be one of the lucky ones. She survived a school shooting at her high school by hiding in a closet. Unfortunately, her twin brother Jordan, her favorite teacher, and several other classmates were not as lucky. They were all killed in the shooting. Because of the shooting, May and her classmates are relocated to another high school. At her new school, May meets Zach Teller. When Zach and May meet, they immediately form a connection and become friends. That is, until May finds out Zach’s mother is the lawyer who is defending the school shooter.

I thought this was an emotional and powerful book. This book is mostly about May trying to deal with her grief and guilt while trying to find a way to heal emotionally. I especially liked that this book was told from both Zach and May’s points of view in alternating chapters. I thought this really helped you get to know the characters. Even though this is a fiction book, it felt very realistic.

The most memorable part of this book was when the survivors of the shooting came together for a memorial for their lost friends. Although the memorial was sad, I thought it was a nice way for the survivors to mourn together and remember their fallen classmates.

Reviewed by James, Twin Hickory Library

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