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Read + Review: Victor and Nora: A Gotham Love Story by Lauren Myracle

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In this classic retelling of Batman villain Mr. Freeze’s tragic romance, Victor Fries, an up-and-coming young scientist, meets Nora Faria, a girl diagnosed with a fatal illness that will kill her at an early age. As the two become fast friends, they realize that they have a lot to talk about, including their pasts. Once Victor learns about Nora’s illness, he’s determined to save her by using a previously unexplored, and possibly unethical, method: preservation by freezing, also known as cryopreservation. However, Nora plans to end her life on her birthday, sooner than Victor can possibly finish his experimental cure. Will Victor’s cure work, and save Nora?

I honestly thought this book was emotionally moving. I knew a lot about Mr. Freeze, the Batman villain, but DC Comics never dove deep into his backstory, so I went into this with tempered expectations. However, I came out of the book stunned – the ending was as I had assumed, but the way Myracle came to the book’s conclusion was a wild ride of twists and turns. The characters were full of life and charm, each having their own characteristics and inner conflicts to battle. I absolutely loved how close the titular characters were and reading their inner dialogue gained my sympathy for their causes. In addition, seeing Gotham City portrayed as a friendly and bright environment was fantastic. Usually Gotham City is portrayed as a grim city full of crime, and its reimagining gave the city a new perspective.

The most memorable part from the book was Victor and Nora meeting for the first time. The two being able to relate through the pain of losing a loved one was what tied them together and established their bond. I believe it was memorable because it was their grim circumstances that brought them together, rather than their wildly different personalities.

Reviewed by Allyson, Twin Hickory Library

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