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Read + Review: Every Other Weekend by Abigail Johnson

Every Other Weekend
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After his parents separate, Adam and his brother spend every other weekend at his father’s apartment. He hates going there, and he and his dad don’t get along which doesn’t make his visits any easier. One weekend, he meets Jolene, who lives next door and has an equal hatred for these visits. They start off just taking pictures together to make Adam’s mom happy, but it soon turns to friendship. The visits they dreaded most now become the part of their lives they love the most. When everything else is falling apart, they can still comfort each other. Their friendship doesn’t last for long before Adam may be leaving and might never see Jolene again.

I thought that the plot development in this book was amazing and that every little thing had its own value. I also loved both Adam and Jolene’s personalities, and the way the author described them really brought them to life. I really enjoyed the fact that the whole book wasn’t just about Adam and Jolene. I was able to see the way Adam’s relationship with his family changed as well and certain parts focused on Jolene and Adam’s family. Another thing I loved was that the chapters alternated between Adam and Jolene’s point of view. It allowed me to see their lives in depth separately as well as watch the transformation after they become friends. Seeing the way their personalities and the way they acted with their families changed after meeting each other was my favorite part. The author also divulged little surprises at the perfect times to make it even more interesting.

The most memorable thing about this book to me was how at first, Adam didn’t like Jolene at all and was basically offended by the first thing she said. Jolene didn’t like Adam that much either and neither of them thought they were going to spend much time together. I liked how just taking a few pictures together changed their mind and started the friendship.

Reviewed by Nainika, Twin Hickory Library

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