Recommended for you by Laura Silverman

Shoshanna Greenberg loved working at Once Upon, a local bookstore. While her moms are fighting a lot more and her beloved car is on the verge of dying, the store has always been a welcoming getaway. When her boss announces a holiday bonus to the person who sells the most books, Shoshanna sees a solution to fix her problems. She has everything in place until a new hire came in her way. Jake Kaplan. Jake is everything Shoshanna isn’t, other than being Jewish. He works in a book store but doesn’t even read books. But somehow his sales start matching hers. Shoshanna really likes Jake, but in the end, she knows he is an opponent and should be ready to take him down. But as the competition escalates, Shoshanna and Jake get closer and realize their stories are alike.

I really enjoyed this book because it exhibited that one person can’t do everything, and everyone needs to contribute to achieve a successful result. I really liked the writing style as it was understandable and witty. Shoshanna’s character was very different from anyone else. She is straightforward, dorky, and humorous. The Jewish background was also a great touch as it added more culture to the story. The twist toward the end of the story was unexpected but exceptional. I liked the plot overall and how each character was developed. The author took great care while writing about each different lifestyle and background.

One memorable thing from this book was the diversity shown. In the story, the author wrote about so many different backgrounds and cultures, but she gave each one its own importance and uniqueness. Everyone supported one another persistently throughout creating an amazing friendship between them.

Reviewed by Vidhi, Twin Hickory Library

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