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Read + Review: Go the Distance: A Twisted Tale by Jen Calonita


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Go the Distance is a book intended to be an reinterpretation of the Disney movie Hercules. The protagonist, Meg, embarks on a quest from the goddess Hera to become a god. Meg is only allowed to stay with her lover Hercules among the Greek gods if she becomes a god herself, differing from the movie’s ending of the two being united without additional conditions. To fulfill this quest, Meg must rescue the soul of her former boyfriend’s wife from the Underworld and the devious god Hades with only a time limit of ten days. She encounters many hardships along the way and is forced to face her past in order to advance in her quest.

I’m a big fan of the Twisted Tale series from Disney, and seeing one of my favorite movies reinterpreted for this series brought me immeasurable joy. The writing is up to par as always with the Twisted Tale series, and all the characters imitate their movie counterparts, which was an important detail that I worried about while reading. Meg is generally characterized as sassy and bold, which Calonita correctly interprets in this book, and I appreciate the author for staying accurate to the movie. I also loved seeing Meg’s past explored; the movie never fully fleshed her out as a character other than being a pawn in a game beyond comprehension, and this book brought meaning to her character.

The most memorable part of the book was a particular flashback to Meg’s past. Without describing in detail, the relationship between Meg and her mother reflected Meg’s inner strength and motive to live, and influenced how she became independent.

Reviewed by Allyson, Twin Hickory Library

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