Read & Review: Renegade Flight by Andrea Tang

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In a war-torn world governed by rogue artificial intelligence, only Peacekeepers can hope to contain the monumental threats that they pose. An aspiring warrior, Viola Park hopes to rise to her true potential by becoming a Peacekeeper and uphold her family’s noble name. Unfortunately, when she receives her rejection letter at the GAN Academy for Cybernetic Arts due to illegally modifying her test, she must enter the academy under probationary status. Her sole chance of redemption lies with the mysterious Nicholas Lee, the undefeated mech pilot champion. Battle and deception roam free as Viola faces the academy’s trials, where she must emerge as the champion to achieve her dreams. The line between friend and foe wears thin in Andrea Tang’s stunning “Renegade Flight”.

The bold and vividly described universe was a pleasure to read; I enjoyed the futuristic rendition of our world. Additionally, the novel was quick to dive into action, it squandered no time in building the conflict. However, while I admired the writing style, it was undermined by a heavy use of profanity. Furthermore, the main plot was deterred by an interesting, yet greatly exaggerated romantic subplot, which made it difficult to focus on the story. Overall, I enjoyed “Renegade Flight”, but found it slightly labyrinthine regarding the central concept.

A memorable aspect of the novel was the unique employment of robotics. They possessed a conscious mind and exhibited animalistic qualities that were fascinating to explore. Moreover, their interactions with the characters granted them a personality of their own. Their addition to the story made the science fiction more tangible and enthralling to the reader.

Reviewed by Soumya, Twin Hickory Library

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