Read + Review: Renegade Flight by Andrea Tang

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Renegade Flight by Andrea Tang is about a passionate girl named Viola. She lives with her aunts because of her parents death in a mech war. Mechs are metal, armored, battle machines with a mind of their own. Viola’s family are rich, famous politicians, and soldiers that have a large reputation. Because of their legacy of being a peacekeeper (people that bond with mechs), Viola aspires to become one by attempting to attend an academy for cadets. Things turn wrong when she gets rejected for cheating. However, because of her family’s reputation, the academy allows her in as a probation student, where she meets many fierce students with the same desire as her.

 The book was moderately good. I liked the detail and imagery that occurred when describing things. It also had a lot of well written action scenes that seemed very difficult to write. Some things that I didn’t like were the lack of events. When I was almost done with the book, I realized that events like the climax were very short and went by fast. In the book, there were many, many, conflicts and they all finished at different times, which made it seem like the climax was over when it wasn’t.

One memorable thing about the book was the setting, specifically the time. Since it was in the future, I expected a lot of sci-fi weapons or other objects. Even though some of it was like that, a lot of it was original ideas I never had seen before. One of these is the mechs that have their own mind and can bond with humans.

Reviewed by Andy L. at Twin Hickory

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